Best Student of The Month

March 19, 2021

Discipline is a one of our main objectives for the kids who join our kids classes. Coach Zack created a programme where discipline doesn’t always have to be taught the hard way. Every day which ever child has trained really hard in the class is rewarded a golden star. Every week, the top 3 kids are rewarded a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal. Every month, the stars are tallied and the top 3 students are rewarded with 3 big trophies.

When this programme was introduced, we saw a change in the kids. They listened well, trained hard and respected all their coaches. It has only been 1 month since this programme started and we have seen more children enjoying the sport, learning how to only use what they are taught when it is necessary and respecting their friends and elders.

The world is not the same. Teach them young and they will blossom into great champions.

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