Trying to burn calories and not being able to find suitable methods? Try kickboxing classes in Dubai, which is an excellent choice for those who find weightloss difficult. Even heart health and stamina can be improved through these classes.It works on enhancing the strength and fitness level for both men and women.


Kickboxing can be a low or high impact workout with high intensity. Both muscle and cardiovascular strength are increased here. All beginners should start slowly and then move ahead, while taking regular water breaks in between. Our experienced instructors have training regimes in place for all kinds of students.


At the initial stage, every student will be expected bring their normal training kits, which include t-shier, shorts, and trainers. Boxing gloves and wrist wraps will be provided by us, but it will be good to purchase these of your own, to eliminate the chances of infection.


Kickboxing is the name for a standup combat sport that involves the use of punches and kicks. The name is derived on the basis of the sport being a combination of karate with boxing. It can be started at an early age with the help of kickboxing classes for kids. Do not worry about precautions as our instructors will ensure that the students face each other in controlled environments with the right blocking tactics as well.



Kicking may appear to be a priority in the sport named as kickboxing, but it actually uses both the hands and feet as points of contact. However, when compared to Muay Thai (Thai boxing), knees and elbows are not used here. Such professional sports are taught at martial studios such as ours in Dubai.



At RINGSIDE GYM, we offer kickboxing lessons with personal trainers for learners of all ages. We have instructors who have several years of experience, many of whom have been professional fighters as well. They offer the nuances of boxing to their students and show them the way to proceed in the right direction. Training is based on a number of values, one of which teaches the students to be humble in every situation. Personal classes are able to offer individual attention to those who want to build specialized techniques.


Our boxing gym in Al Quoz has state-of-the-art facilities for all forms of self-defense. Learners of several levels are present here, which allows them to learn from each other as well. When you enter such a gym, it is very natural to feel intimidated at first. This is because each individual trains to be the best at his or her own level. As you become regular, it will be easier to make friends and gain respect from the others.


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