Kids Martial
Arts Classes
in Dubai

Karate and Kung Fu are two of the most famous forms of martial arts in the world, made cool through movies such as the Karate Kid, Enter the Dragon, Drunken Master, and Kung Fu Hustle. The fact that several of these movies had sequels shows how popular the sport really is. Now kids may want to take up kids martial arts due to any number of the reasons, but this sure is one of them. Look deeper into it and you will why self-defense is so important for all round development.

Know the Objectives

Parents need to be sure that they know the reasons for which they want to put their children into kids martial arts classes. Discipline, building self esteem and self-defense can be three of the reasons here. The right type of classes needs to provide not just experienced instructors who have worked with kids, but also suitable communities. A peer group is most helpful for the benefit of every child, and this is available at RINGSIDE GYM.

Participating in Group Classes

Self defense of any form requires a student to fight against an opponent. More of opponents in kids groups classes in Dubai mean that they will be able to learn from each other. Every kid has his or her own strengths and weaknesses, and our instructors are quick to point out the same. The children need encouragement not just from the instructors, but from each other and their families as well. Through martial arts, the children develop the perseverance and self-discipline to fulfill their goals. What’s more, we also treat our students to be humble by following and implementing the motto “WORK HARD, TRAIN HARDER, BE HUMBLE’.

It is not just physical development but also mental development that takes place when the children participate in different kinds of kids group classes in Dubai. We do understand that there are chances of injuries here, but we follow precautions in the following ways:

Speaking to the instructor

You will be happy to know that our instructors encourage competition only after students show adequate physical maturity and competition skills, and are at the same level

Lower contact forms of martial arts

Martial arts that do not require too much contact are suitable at the beginning. A teen is moved to a more competitive environment only after displaying the right amount of maturity and self discipline.

Safe Environments

Our trainers will always organize competitions where blows to the head and illegal moves are discouraged. Proper blocking moves are taught before competitions.

Safety Equipment

Important safety equipment such as mouth guards are available with the instructors

Boxing Classes

Much like MMA and other self-defense techniques, kid’s boxingi also has many benefits for the body. These are as follows:

There really isn’t a minimum age for boxing, but bouts are always limited to children above the age of 10 years. Muay Thai is the name for Thai boxing, which is also an excellent self-defense technique. We provide training with respect to Thai boxing for kids with all the precautions in place.

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