Improve Core Strength and Flexibility with Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a kickboxing type of martial art that has come from Thailand. This sport includes powerful elbow and knee striking techniques. It is known as the ‘Art of the Eight Limbs’ as the strikes in Muay Thai uses 8 points of contact mainly 2 feet, 2 knees, 2 fists, and 2 elbows. Private training in this sport by some professional experts will not only hone your boxing skills but will also improve physical fitness through a full-body workout.

Various Physical and Mental Benefits of Muay Thai

Training in Muay Thai provides a full-body workout to maintain physical and mental fitness.

Aligned GoalsPersonal training is designed in a way that the fitness training or routine gets aligned with your body goals. It helps getting more focused and efficient guidance resulting in incredible outcomes.

Comfort SpaceEvery individual need proper attention and guidance from their trainers so that they feel more motivated towards achieving the goal. Especially ladies need a comfortable space and environment to focus on their workout efficiently. Personal female trainers are an added benefit for health training where no other individual will interfere.

Program That Fits Your Daily RoutineHave a busy schedule? No worries. Personal training programs are tailored as per your availability. With not more than 6-7 hours a week, personal trainers easily fit the training sessions in your hectic schedule so that you do not feel challenged enough to make time for training.

Personalised Nutrition PlanEvery individual need different nutrition and supplement while training. Nutritional supplements are an important foundation for your healthy transformation. Personal trainers analyse and prepare personalised nutrition chart for you that perfectly aligns with your goals and routine.

Real-Time MonitoringAll thanks to your personal trainer, they know your goals clearly from the first day. They monitor your training sessions regularly and assess the results to check the progress. It helps tracking the fitness progress and working on the weak factors.

Beginners Technique of Muay Thai

The journey of Muay Thai starts at a basic level with beginner’s technique that teaches you how to punch, kick, elbow strikes, and knee strikes. It focuses on increasing the speed with which you kick or punch. The basic level of Muay Thai will help you in improving your balance of power.

Advanced Technique of Muay Thai

The advanced level of Muay Thai introduces new skills and techniques. It fully prepares you for a fight. You will get to learn powerful techniques and become more confident at sparring. The advanced techniques focus more on conditioning the body and enhance the level of fitness required.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Gym for Personal Training in Muay Thai

Finding the right gym for Muay Thai training in Dubai is equally important to ensure you develop the right techniques and do not get your time wasted. RINGSIDE GYM in Dubai is a martial arts based establishment that offer high-quality trainers that are experts at Muay Thai. Join Muay Thai classes in Dubai to achieve multiple physical and mental health benefits. From beginners to advance, tailor-made programs are enriched with full-body workout techniques. RINGSIDE GYM provides high-level coaches from around the world that will train you in this combat sport perfectly. From beginners to advance, people from any level can easily participate.

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